A store room is where you keep and store things for future use. But for some, store room is more to a place where you dump in the things that are not often used. With proper design and organization ideas of store room, it can make it easy to retrieve things.

Prepare a list of items you will want to store in the storage room. With the space that is available in the storeroom, it will be easier to organize. Take into consideration the size of the items and ensure that they can fit into the space available in your store room.


Then, clear the store room of all the clutters. Clean the store room and discard unnecessary items to save space for things that are actually worth the storage space. You won’t want to store things that you had never use and can never be used anymore. Measure the area in the room so that you can have a clear idea f how many things you can store.

There are many options for storing small items. This includes cabinets and bureaus. Having cabinets can help you find your things easier. If you are on a smaller budget, you can also use old and used cabinets as a budget design idea. Installation of wall shelves to hold things that are prone to damage due to dust and exposure is also great.

Restrict the positioning of the storage cabinet to the corner of the room so that there is enough space. As for larger items, you can build lofts high on the walls. Covering these items with a cloth or plastic sheet can protect things from dust and moisture damage.

Remember that store room is to store things that are rarely used, not to store unwanted things. De-cluttering the storage room will help you find the things you need in the future. You won’t want to enter the store room and feel like you’re entering a warzone.