Finding the perfect sofa can make all the difference in the feel of a home. An upholstered version can give your living room an air of formality, whether it be a traditional rolled-arm English style model, a tufted Chesterfield or a sleek modern single-cushion couch. Go for a slipcovered model and the space leans more casual, thanks to the easy-to-care-for cushions, which can recover from a messy spill with a simple turn in the wash or trip to the dry cleaner’s.

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When choosing the perfect sofa as your living room furniture , consider:

What size sofa do you need? A sectional or three-seater sofa is better for larger living spaces. Small homes might need a loveseat, two-seater or settee to best fit the space.

Where will your sofa be in the room? Does your family spend a lot of time watching the TV? If so, then it’s probably best to position the couch for prime viewing potential. More into entertaining? Put two sofas across from each other with a coffee table in the middle. This arrangement works best for promoting lively conversation.

What shape sofa do you need? Does it fit in a corner? Try a corner or L-shaped sectional sofa. Up against a wall? You can probably get away with a deeper, comfortable couch. If your seating needs to be on an angle in the room, allow for plenty of room to walk around the sofa from both sides with ease.

If the room doubles as a guest bedroom, a sofa bed or sleeper sofa is a great option. Folded up it makes for good seating; unfolded, it does double-duty as a bed. A chaise or daybed would also be a great option for such a multipurpose room. On a budget? Some modern futons are cheap and work as both a couch and additional sleeping area.

What sofa upholstery is best for you?For families with young children or pets, a slipcovered sofa is a practical choice. Cotton, denim, or other washable fabrics work great for slipcovers as they can easily go from couch to washing machine to back to looking as good as new.

A covered couch is often considered a traditional or shabby chic look, but there are new styles that manage to look contemporary while still employing this fuss-free element. No kids? A sleek leather couch might be the look you’re after. Suede is another slightly high-maintenance choice that only makes sense for homes without pets or small children.

Pick a style of sofa that fits with the look of your home. That’s not to say that a house built in the 1950s needs a modern sofa; rather, it’s that the seat you decide on should flow with its surroundings. If you stick to pieces you absolutely love, making sure everything goes well together shouldn’t be a problem.