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Your mailbox serves the very important function of securely holding your mail, yet it’s also an opportunity to add extra decorative appeal to your home. When mailbox shopping, be sure you consider type, size, style and features when looking at your options.

What Type of Mailbox Should You Consider?Edit

Consider how much mail you receive as well as your aesthetic preferences when deciding on the type of mailbox to purchase. It may also depend on whether you live at a house or apartment residence. In general, you can choose from the following types of mailboxes:

• Post mounts: Ideal for curbside mailboxes, post mounts sit the mailbox atop a post that is installed into the ground. You can customize your mailbox and pole with various colors and styles, and choose amongst several different mailbox sizes to find the right fit for you.

• Wall mounts: A wall mount mailbox is often mounted near the front door or at a gate. These can add a hint of style to your home, and are available in a range of sizes.

• Freestanding: A freestanding mailbox doesn’t require any poles to be set into the ground. They are aesthetically customizable with decorative casings.

• Recessed mounts: These are often seen in apartment complexes. They fit into the wall and are usually divided into multiple boxes to store everyone’s mail in a central location.

What Styles are Available?Edit

Mailboxes are available in all colors of the rainbow, as well as a variety of styles that will complement your home’s overall décor. If your house is traditional, consider a classic wall mount design. If your home is more retro, seek out a mailbox with a splash of bright color and an classic design.

What Additional Features might You want to Add to Your Mailbox?Edit

To avoid someone tampering with your mail, consider adding a lock to your mailbox. Or, choose one that is extra deep for more space, or a mailbox that opens in the front and back for easier access. You could also consider personalizing your mailbox with your address lettering, or if you subscribe to a newspaper or a lot of magazines, finding one that has a holder.