Living room

A typical living room found in South East Asia

In Asian architecture, a living room or lounge room is a room in a residential house for relaxing and socializing. Such a room is sometimes called afront room when it is near the main entrance at the front of the house. A lobby can be considered as the equivalent of a living room for commercial properties.


The process of Living Room Furnishing  a living room can be an overwhelming process but it can be very rewarding, especially when the outcome of furnishing your living room is the same how you imagined. The items to consider when furnishing a living room are:

  • painting colour for the room
  • lounging furniture (sofa, chair)
  • side furniture (tables, shelves)
  • entertainment appliances (television, sound system)
  • flooring (hardword, carpet, marble)
  • lighting
  • conditioning (fans, air conditioners)


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