Kitchen island

Now that small kitchen appliances are taking over our valuable countertop workspace, it’s getting harder and harder to find enough room to prepare even the most basic meal. Instead of saying bye-bye to that coffee pot, toaster or much-loved KitchenAid mixer, try adding a little extra room by investing in a durable kitchen island, cart or worktable.

These convenient additions, which are often portable, provide much-needed countertop space in the middle of the kitchen without taking up too much room. Because they often come with drawers or shelves, they can also act as extra storage for mixing bowls, pots and pans or other kitchen accessories. Here’s the best part: If they have wheels, you can roll them off to the side when not in use.

If you’re lucky enough to have a pantry, free up some countertop space by using it to stow some less-used small appliances. By adding organizers, such as trays, baskets, pullout bins and wall-mounted shelves, you can ensure there is enough room for both your food and your kitchen accessories. =