Because of their size and storage ability, garages and sheds can quickly transition from well-organized spaces into oversize junk drawers. When you have a family, or even when you don’t, garages, toolsheds and garden sheds can fill up overnight with sports gear, bikes, tools, automotive equipment and gardening supplies. But with a little bit of work, you can make that overstuffed drop spot look good inside and out, regardless of how much stuff you need to store.
Clean Garage

Make your garage door or shed stand out. Instead of sticking with the same old solid-colored wood, venture into new territory by trying a new material or design. Frosted glass garage doors still keep your garage private but provide a nice backlight and create a more contemporary feel. If that idea makes you a little wary, you can always opt for a traditional wood garage door with a trendy design or multicolored paint job. For your shed try glass, metal or mixed materials for a fresh look.

Store items only along the perimeter. Even though it’s perfectly fine to use part of your garage as storage, keep the stuff to a minimum by placing cabinets, shelves and wall organizers against the sides. You will still have plenty of room to add a workbench or toolbox, but now you can also fit a car or two (what a concept!). While a shed is easy to stuff to the brim, be careful: Leave enough walking room and use storage containers, boxes, modular shelves and cabinets to group like items and keep everything organized.

Turn it into a man cave (or something else). If you don’t need the extra storage, or maybe you have more garage than you can handle, convert the garage into a bonus room. With all the tools and automotive equipment, garages can easily transition into a man cave, complete with TV, stereo and refrigerator. You can even store your workout equipment in there and use it as a home gym. Sheds can often be transformed into another living space; if built in the right way, a shed can be a quiet, secluded home office, an additional living room or a playroom.

Go for the built-ins. If you have a lot of stuff to store and nowhere to put it, you can always invest in high-quality built-ins. Line the walls with sturdy cabinets and drawers, and have a builder install wall-mounted hooks and organizers for hanging tools and larger accessories, like ladders and brooms. Don’t forget about your vertical space: Set up overhead garage storage racks for lesser-used items, like camping gear.