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Because doors are often overlooked, we frequently forget to appreciate the significant impact they can make in a room. While they are above all used for privacy and security, they can also bring style and unexpected detail to a space by acting as a subtle yet important decorative accessory.

Since it’s the first thing that family and friends see when coming to visit, your front door is your most crucial door purchase. Before jumping in, carefully think about the style of your home, and find something that works well with what you already have. For a traditional look, stained glass doors, double doors or standard glass doors are popular options, while an arched door or iron door gives off a more regal, Mediterranean vibe. To bring a trendy, contemporary twist to even the most traditional home, paint your front door a bright color or opt for a metal front door instead of wood. Make sure you think about both style and safety; your front door should make a statement but still be sturdy enough to ward off the bad guys.

While front door options are endless, not all doors are a work of art. Interior doors often have little variation, but don’t fret: There are still some creative, inventive options out there. If a traditional wood door is out, pocket doors are convenient for a closet, home office and some bathrooms, though maybe not the best option for a bedroom. A sliding barn door is a trendy, popular door for spaces that require less privacy, like a living room, office or dining room. And for a fun alternative, try retro swinging doors, colorfully painted doors or modern all-glass doors.

There is also quite a bit of variation with patio doors. A screen door and a sliding-glass door make for a convenient pairing, while French doors are a more elegant yet still practical option. For a more contemporary approach, bifold doors can run along an entire wall, immediately turning your indoor family room into an indoor-outdoor living space.

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