A door mat is a fun and affordable way to introduce your style to any front door visitor, from the mailman to your best friend. While doormats provide the valuable and essential task of keeping the mud off of your sheepskin rug, they are also a friendly and personal touch reminding visitors that someone lives inside. 

Materials and ColorsEdit

Door mat styles range from trench-worthy to purely decorative. Although doormats aren’t a major monetary investment, they are highly visible in your home, so it’s best to choose one that matches the amount of foot traffic you receive.

Interior and Exterior DoormatsEdit

Door mats made for use for either inside or outside your home are made with different materials as they are designed to handle different levels of debris. Interior mats are often thinner more uniform in texture as they are only used for cleaning minor dirt and dust off. Exterior mats serve as scrapers for your shoes, removing outside debris to protect your flooring once you step inside your home. Exterior doormats are exposed to a lot of wear and tear, so if you opt for a more decorative doormat for your front door, it will need to be replaced more often.