You have undoubtedly invested care, attention and a considerable amount of money in choosing dining furniture and decorating your dining room . What you would ideally like is that the dining table and chairs and other furniture always looks as good as it did when you bought it and that the wear and tear, stains, scratches and imperfections that come from everyday use of the furniture could be kept at bay. Some good care and some protective items will ensure that your dining furniture is kept in good shape for a long time to come.

Cleaning and UpkeepEdit

Regular dusting and cleaning will ensure that there are no dust scratches to your furniture and no warping or forming of mold due to humid conditions. Appropriate oiling and or polishing may be a good idea if the manufacturer's instructions and suggestions indicate it for proper maintenance..

Table PadsEdit

Table pads are a way to protect your dining table so that it looks new and as attractive as the day you bought it. It forms a thick protective covering for your dining table that protects the surface from burns, spills, stains, scratches, and also forms a protective base for delicate silver or bone china. It also absorbs noise and can protect your table from up to 550 degrees or heat. With a table pad, your dining room table can also double as a writing surface when you require the supervising of junior's home work projects or when you need to spread out a few work sheets. You can have these table pads customized as per your requirements and the shape and size of your dining table; whatever be its surface (wood, glass, lacquer or stone). Good quality pads are fitted with a unique magnetic locking system that ensures that there is no slipping or sliding of the pad from the surface of the table.

Buffet PadEdit

If your buffet or sideboard is another surface that needs protection, either from direct sunlight or because it is a surface that is not used that often and can be covered up for the rest of the time, then a buffet pad is just the thing for you. Not only will it prevent scratches and damage from heat, it will also make sure that when you remove the pad say for a special occasion or for entertaining, the surface below will be in great shape, will almost be like new; fetching you admiring glances.

Table ClothEdit

It goes without saying that a table cloth is not only something that adds color and style to your dining room, but also protects your table surface. Now if you have a slightly larger or different shaped table than the average, you could well find yourself in difficulties trying to get table cloths that fit exactly. For this it is possible to order a custom tablecloth that is made as per your requirement, so that your table is protected and your dining room decor is enhanced as well.