Talk with ten different closet organizers and you’ll get ten different opinions on what are the biggest mistakes in a closet.  You need to organize your closet in a way that makes sense for you but there are some common mistakes I see over and over which cause the most problems.  Here are my top 3.

Incorrect Shelf DepthEdit

A shelf or system depth that is less than 14″ can be an issue when folding items or using storage bins. By not having the proper shelf depth your items will hang over the edge causing your organized space look cluttered.

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It is also very important to be sure the width of the shelf space will accommodate what you are planing on placing in that space.

Cloths Hanging Over DrawersEdit

Be sure when putting drawers in a closet to avoid putting them below garment hanging sections, if the drawers are not as deep as the clothing (20″ – 24″) then it may be difficult to see completely into the drawers.

Shoes On the FloorEdit

Always try to store shoes on shelves all together in a single shelving unit, slanted or straight adjustable shelves are great for shoes and keeps them organized, avoid lining them up on the floor, this will make it difficult to see what you have if the clothing is hanging over top of them and will make your closet look cluttered and disorganized.