Spending the time and money to undertake a home renovation can add to a home's resale value while also making it a more comfortable place to live. In particular, bedrooms can stand to gain a lot during a renovation. While each project is different, homeowners should assess their needs and budgets before deciding how to renovate a bedroom.

New DecorEdit

Adding new decor or changing the style of a room is among the simpler and less expensive renovation projects. A dull bedroom can get new life through a decor theme, such as a beach theme with natural wood and subdued blues in the color palette or a contemporary theme with new, streamlined furniture and modern electronics.

A more extensive bedroom renovation can also pave the way for a new style of decor. For example, adding built-in speakers, recessed lighting and a skylight can create the perfect space for a modern design when the room is eventually furnished.

Add StorageEdit

Even the largest bedrooms can probably improve with some additional storage space. A bedroom renovation can add storage in several ways. Built-in shelves, under-the-bed drawers or an additional closet can all make room for more clothes, linens and other items. Expanding the size of a room can also make room for more storage pieces like an armoire or a bookcase. Finally, giving a bedroom new access to an attic or crawlspace can make better use of storage areas that are already part of the home.

Add a BathroomEdit

==Adding a bathroom to an existing bedroom is a major renovation job, but it can create a new, versatile master bedroom or guest suite. Adding a bathroom requires new plumbing and will likely increase property taxes by driving up the value of the home. However, when it comes time to sell, the extra bathroom should be a strong selling point and a reason to ask for a higher price.