You’ve installed your bathroom’s toilet, vanity, sink and shower, and now it’s time to accessorize. There are limitless bathroom accessories , yet there are still some essentials every bathroom should have. 

If you’re ready accessorize your bathroom with accessories, read about the essentials below.

Shower CurtainsEdit

Both functional and decorative, shower curtains will add an interesting visual element to your bathroom while also protecting your showers and walls from excess moisture. Choose a durable yet stylish shower curtain, shower curtains come in a variety of materials, including plastic, vinyl or fabric. They range in style from quirky and punchy to classic and traditional. Vinyl curtains are usually cheaper than fabric shower curtains, but likely will not last as long. If you choose to go with a fabric shower curtain, don’t forget to also purchase a shower liner to protect your curtain’s material over time.

Bath Mats and RugsEdit

 Bath mats and rugs will provide extra protection for the floors, and provide a soft, warm spot for your feet while you’re brushing your teeth or just stepping out of the shower. You will generally want to place your rug in close proximity to both the shower, bath and vanity. If you have a small bathroom, it’s possible only one rug will reach, otherwise you may consider purchasing multiple bath mats. Choose a color scheme or theme for your bathroom, and consider matching the color of your mats to match. Purchase a bath mat with a liner beneath it for the shower area to prevent slipping.


Towels function beyond simply drying you off after a shower, or drying your wet hands. They also add color and texture to your bathroom’s design. Choose your towels carefully, paying attention to color and details in design, so that they are cohesive with your bathroom’s theme. Instead of hiding them in a linen closet, display them in the open on shelving or hung from racks. In terms of material, cotton is generally the best choice: durable and absorbent, it’s soft against skin while also allowing it to breathe.

Bathroom HardwareEdit

Whether you’re starting from scratch or remodeling a bathroom, pay attention to the hardware. A simple change in cabinet pulls and curtain rods can make all the difference in your space. There are limitless styles to choose from depending on the look you want to create in your bathroom. Choose Lucite pulls for a chic and timeless look, or bronze curtain rods for traditional, dramatic appeal. Consider choosing all of your hardware with the same finish to create cohesion throughout your bathroom design.

Bathroom DecorEdit

 Pull the look together with soap dishes, lotion dispensers, baskets and furnishings that complement each other and fit within the theme. Consider artwork for the walls or sculptures for open counter space. Add candles or incense to create a relaxing and inviting aroma, or plants for a touch of nature.