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A basket can be a home design cure all. Whether looking for an attractive storage solution or an affordable collection of decorative home accessories, a single basket can serve a wide and endless variety of needs.

Baskets are Attractive.Edit

For that space above your kitchen cabinets , consider grouping handmade African market baskets to display. For under cabinet storage in the bathroom or pantry, especially with open shelving, wicker baskets add texture and the warmth of natural materials while wire baskets add an industrial and eclectic institutional edge. With decorative purpose, baskets also maintain easy and necessary accessibility to your towels or kitchen supplies.

Baskets as Art PiecesEdit

Baskets are also more than just storage vessels . They are also works of art and deserve to be treated as such. Whether on a display shelf or prominently hung on the wall, the intricacies of a woven basket can really be admired when viewed up close. While handmade or delicately woven baskets can set you back just as much as a painting or print, others can be much more affordable and just as beautiful. Filling a large empty wall couldn’t be easier, and you’re guaranteed not to have the same mid century graphic art print that everyone has.

Ultimately, baskets are great to invest in due to their universal appeal both functionally and decoratively. You will always find space for a basket and you will always find uses for them too.